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Topic subjectSurely not
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27981, Surely not
Posted by insanejake, Fri Apr-22-05 04:09 AM
>..of course you enjoy being hated, becauses it affirms your
>position as god's children.

So suddenly, this is no longer a personal thing about why people hate me, people hate the whole jewish race because of my posts?

You think that suffering makes people think they are Gods children? You are wrong (again) the Torah does. So if you then choose to believe the Torah/Old Testament and dont like what it says, tough. Make up your own holy book since they are all bullshit anyway.

it doesn't change the fact of your
>unbearable arrogance...(did i spell that right). Seriously you
>should listen to yourself once in a while.

It would be hard not to look arrogant next to you. Its like an adult talking to a new born baby. I am stringing sentances together, making sense, trying to say stuff, but it isnt even sinking into the babies head for another five years.

You want me to be more humble, how about reading what I write, and then making salient well thought out points. Then we can have what is known as a conversation....