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Topic subjectOffensive much?
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27975, Offensive much?
Posted by insanejake, Fri Apr-22-05 02:51 AM
>Uh... this has happened over and over again in history.
>You would argue, 'the deliberate murder of a ethnic group'...
>then I could say well... did they take trips to your country
>to catch you... then bring you back to this country for
>hundreds, mind you HUNDREDS of years... that's with Africa...

Clearly they werent taken to the states. They were removed from their own country to be enslaved and then murdered though. And if you think Jews havent been persecuted for thousands of years you clearly havent read anything ont he subject.

>did they come to your country and chop you up with machete's
>as in the Aborigines?

We didnt have a country because of the invasions and persecutions we faced...

>My point... most people have a tragic situation... but out of
>respect for their ancestors they aren't exploited... look
>kids... new holocaust cups from Burger King!

Here is the offensive bit. In a post where you exploit your peoples history to prove a point you object to Jewish exploitation of their history? Are you serious?

>I mean c'mon...
>I'll try and remember the victimizing when I'm walking through
>the Diamond District.

Thats like saying walking through a violent "ghetto" makes me forget slavery. Most Jews dont sell diamonds, most black people aren't violent gangsters.

>I guess you don't want to own up to the fact that the
>'children of God' have been exploiting labor through working
>kids in Sierra Leone until they drop...

Proof? Are you telling me Black people don't/haven't done this?

or lose a limb due to
>land mines...

Laid by black people in Sierra Leone?

mud snakes...

Are you calling Jews mud snakes? Or are you blaming mud snake bites on Jews? Either way you are a fool.