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27974, RE: I would agree with that
Posted by AquamansWrath, Thu Apr-21-05 08:19 AM
Uh... this has happened over and over again in history.
You would argue, 'the deliberate murder of a ethnic group'... then I could say well... did they take trips to your country to catch you... then bring you back to this country for hundreds, mind you HUNDREDS of years... that's with Africa...
did they come to your country and chop you up with machete's as in the Aborigines?
My point... most people have a tragic situation... but out of respect for their ancestors they aren't exploited... look kids... new holocaust cups from Burger King!
I mean c'mon...
I'll try and remember the victimizing when I'm walking through the Diamond District.
I guess you don't want to own up to the fact that the 'children of God' have been exploiting labor through working kids in Sierra Leone until they drop...or lose a limb due to land mines... mud snakes... and just overall poor working conditions... but hey... who cares right?
What about us... we died in 45!