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Topic subjectYou are wrong.
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27961, You are wrong.
Posted by insanejake, Tue Apr-19-05 12:56 PM
>..not even trying to make sense. o.k. consider a militant
>Jewish, hardcore right wing dictatorship pandering to the
>American middle classes for support in its campaign in
>genocide upon the Palestinians.

Thats a somewhat unbalanced viewpoint about a complex situation. You must have a loose definition of the word genocide...

But anyway, thats a group of people you are describing. One that I am not a member of. How does it relate to me personally, or did you respond to the wrong post?

your right for a homeland is
>based upon the holocaust.

The zionist movement started long before WW2.

that is the political leverage that
>has been used since after the war to create support in the
>west for the creation of Israel, exploiting the collective
>guilt of European states. correct me if i'm wrong.

And yes you are wrong. The collective guilt for atrocities against the jews for the past 500+ years in Europe was one majort reason for supporting the zionist cause. However, pramatists would say Europe was just happy to have a reliable foothold in the region..