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Topic subjectParanoid much?
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27956, Paranoid much?
Posted by insanejake, Tue Apr-19-05 04:20 AM
>..see there you go. it's like talking to a 5 year old. If i
>don't kiss your arse and start grovelling i'm anti-semitic.

Where did I say that? Still, if the cap fits.....

>point in having the conversation and if you'd like some
>cynical reasons perhaps it garners israel's causes to much
>sympathy to ladel the rest of the world with the collective
>guilt of the genocide of the jews.

You arent even trying to make sense here.

but as the aquaman said
>what about Africa..oh it's all bad? is that it?

No, plenty of people have been African, but if Jesus existed, he probably wasn't black...

. and these ain't my opinions. i actually try
>and see things from a different point of view before i start
>shooting my mouth of.

Doesnt look like it...