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27953, RE: Hold up
Posted by insanejake, Sat Apr-16-05 07:26 AM

>they are by far not the only people on this earth who have

Sorry, where did I say that?

why should I feel anymore sorry for them than the
>next man? Talk about whining... blacks never got reperations
>for slavery and they built this country and are reminded of
>this everyday they live here...
>the constitution was never changed to reflect their freedom...

Im not putting these things on a level of nastiness or importance, Im saying its all pretty bad.

>they are at the bottom of the economic chain in America...
>they fill up the prisons...
>those who killed them, unlike with the Jews, were NEVER
>brought to justice
>many of the popular coporations in existance started with
>slave money..

Hold on, most of the people who actually did the killing were never brought to justice. Hardly any of the people involved actually were. Joseph Mengele only died relatively recently in South America..

>and the Jews participated heavily in the African slave trade
>as well... amazing.

You keep saying this, but you have yet to produce any proof. And I think you even admitted that just about everyone who was touched by the slave trade actively participated in it....