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27949, RE: Hold up
Posted by insanejake, Fri Apr-15-05 07:54 AM
>...well i don't really have any friends so that kind of
>quashes that matter. All i was trying to say was i just find
>it a little off to have a position in the world yet still
>stick to your guns that you were the only people in the world
>that were ever oppressed.

I missed where I or any Jew said that. Run it back to me?

How many marxists, gypsys
>homosexuals and retards got killed in concentration camps?

Do you actually want to know, or are you asking to prove a point?

>as for reparations, well fair enough but if it was me i think
>it says more about the world we live in when horrific events
>are used to generate capital.

This situation, is insurance companies who have had that money for fifty years no paying out on thier policies. Insurance works on making money from horrific events. People have it so that, in those events they dont lose everything...