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27937, RE: Hold up
Posted by insanejake, Fri Apr-15-05 07:58 AM
>ever group of people have had a holocaust...

White anglo saxon protestants?

>the jewish holocaust... actually pales in comparison to the
>current death rate per day in Africa as we speak...

Really? According to whose figures? And how are you comparing a multi-causal series of events impacting a whole continent to a focused attack globally on one group of people?

>but you see, they want to be the victim, God's children, the
>victor (reperations), the owners, and the judge.
>Crazy. I don't see humility in this at all. Just me.

We want to be victims, and yet, when we want to be victors, we are evil venal money grabbing, baby eating murderers, is that it?

Do black people also want to be victims then, is that why they are treated badly?

Dont even bring humility into it, you dont understand the meaning of the word.