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27934, Hold up
Posted by insanejake, Thu Apr-14-05 12:53 PM
>know a lot of history fair enough, i don't want to get into
>the argument, but if you asked me about the Jewish people i
>would say having a rough ride in history does not give you the
>right to a, maintain your martyr status given your position in
>both America and the middle east,

So hold on, once they get succesful, they are told that they are taking the world over, but they cant talk about the awful shit that happened to them for 5000 years? And by the way, there are still poor, powerless jews in the world...

and on one hand claim
>reparation payments for the holocaust (a sum of billions
>claimed from the germans in compensation for slave labour,
>some 700,000 survivors, i thought you all got gassed?) whilst
>commiting genocide on the palestinians.

A lot of that was for insurance claims, which were paid for in advance and stolen... Besides, are you honestly saying that those people shouldnt get reperations? And as for the number of survivors (and it sounds to me like you are questioning the number of people who were murdered), well there is a lot of mess left when you try and wipe out a whole race...

Also, if the Israelis (who are the people who live in Israel who have a conflict with the Palestinians) are commiting genocide, then you have a pretty loose definition of genocide...

don't get me wrong i'm
>not anti-semitic, i just hate hypocrisy.

And a lot of your best friends are Jewish?

I cant work out whether I am paranoid, or whether quite a few people on here have some fucked up beliefs about Jews...