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Topic subjectRE: You have NEVER called me out... hahaha...
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27933, RE: You have NEVER called me out... hahaha...
Posted by TarnishedSpoon, Thu Apr-14-05 04:14 PM
>Sun your a joke. You wait for my comments then you criticize
>them... how about bringing something to the table...
>Illegal Alcohol... Jews got down with that...
>the mafia... who do you think kept the books
>slavery... jews had slave posts and financed much of it...
>the illegale slave labor of diamond mines (current)... I guess
>you'll deny this too... cause they are God's children?
>hahaha... that's too funny for me to even get out.

I haven't ever denied it. You've just lied and put words into my mouth. I said very specifically that Jews didn't "finance the slave trade". But you keep lying about it. I pointed out the failure in logic of you saying 'Well... haille sellasie said he was descendant from Solomon, so that must make Jesus black' (as though it isn't fucking blindingly obvious to begin with) and your response...


I can seem to make you shut up pretty regularly child.

Maybe you should try that more often.

Wait... haven't we had this discussion before?

I think so.

Be a good little boy and shut your mouth while grown ups talk.

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