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Topic subjectRE: I dont know i f he was or not
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27918, RE: I dont know i f he was or not
Posted by TarnishedSpoon, Wed Apr-13-05 04:53 PM
>..yeah but if your supposed to be the intellectual superior
>don't you think it tarnishes whatever moral highground your
>trying to take but ridiculling somebody? and you obviously
>know a lot of history fair enough, i don't want to get into
>the argument, but if you asked me about the Jewish people i
>would say having a rough ride in history does not give you the
>right to a, maintain your martyr status given your position in
>both America and the middle east, and on one hand claim
>reparation payments for the holocaust (a sum of billions
>claimed from the germans in compensation for slave labour,
>some 700,000 survivors, i thought you all got gassed?) whilst
>commiting genocide on the palestinians. don't get me wrong i'm
>not anti-semitic, i just hate hypocrisy.

I think we are talking about apples and oranges... or at least you are talking about things I'm not.

I'm not saying that what the Israeli's have done to the Palestinians is right. I'm not saying that Jews being shat on throughout history excuses anything...

I'm just saying that our little intellectual pop-tart buddy Watergirls Angggrrr is simply enough wrong when he says that 'Jews financed the slave trade'. There is historical record to prove him wrong, much like there is historical record to prove that the people of Palestine at 0AD resembled what we would call Arabs.

He's a sham.

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