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Topic subjectRE: I dont know i f he was or not
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27910, RE: I dont know i f he was or not
Posted by insanejake, Wed Apr-13-05 10:55 AM
>hmmm... you wouldn't be referring to the racist belief of the
>story of Ham would you insanejake?

I referenced it yes. I had never heard of it before it was mentioned to me. Now I did some research on it as well. How is the story racist (not the meanings attached to it)? Ham wasn't cursed for being black, he was cursed for invading his fathers privacy... Here is an interesting link:


The author of this maintains that neither Ham nor Canaan were black...

>Noah was black so of course all his son's were black...

None of the logic in the above sentance follows, particularly in a biblical story which is probably metaphorical anyway....

>I'm going to start calling this european movement... white
>cause no matter how black anything is give it time before they
>apply the white out.

Its called cultural appropriation. Most cultures do it, get over it.

>and ya'll wonder why Muslims aint allowing them cats to touch
>their book... that's why!

There are plenty of white muslims. Have a look in Eastern Europe... Also, I wasnt arguing that the Israelites were white, I was arguing that they were "arabs" meaning that they shared the genetic makeup of people from that area. You might classify them as "white" because your binary brain can't compute more than two options. I read enough to realise that black and white are actuall misleading and unhelpful terms, useful only in discussions where the semantics and the issues surrounding percieved "blackness" or "whiteness" are to be found. To paraphrase that, there is a massive difference between a Papua New Guinean Highlander, an Mbuti from central Africa and an African-American in New York. Equally, an Albanian, an Englishman and a Spaniard are very different. All the groups discussed are very different from each other, and are very different from the "opposite" groups. In other words, a culture is a culture. A race is some made up unhelpful bullshit.

And by the way, "blacking" or "whiting" Jesus doesn't help anyone's cause. Not that I believe in it, but if I did, it would make more sense for Jesus to be the opposite colour from whatever "you" are because race is such a divisive issue and Jesus was preaching forgiveness and unity.....