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Topic subjectWas Jesus Black?
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27890, Was Jesus Black?
Posted by sjm752003, Fri Apr-15-05 11:57 PM
To Oddspot posting # 74: You have one of the few sensible posts here.

Not all Jews are Ashkenazi Europeans. Some are Sephardic (descendents of Spanish Jews), who were kicked out during the Inquisition. Some are North African. Jews in Eastern Europe were cut off from these populations for a long time.

Face it people: You don't hide out where you stand out. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph had to be dark skinned to hide out in Egypt to avoid being caught and killed by Herod. I'm black and have lived in Seattle for nearly 12 years. I've been in the same neighborhood for over 4 years and STILL get the n----r treatment: getting followed in stores, white bytches checking their purses when I walk by - AND I'M FEMALE TOO! They're much more safer than I am, but all they see is my color.
If I'm stupid enough to stay here another 12 years, I'll STILL get this treatment. I can't hide TODAY - so if the Holy Family were white, how hard would it have been to catch 3 people looking like they walked out of a Renaissance painting in Egypt? Not that hard.

White people: You know we're going to say things you don't agree with on this site (like yes, Jesus could be black) so why are you even here?! We can't have a discussion to ourselves w/o scared, threatened white folks getting in the middle and taking it over.