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27889, oddspot.
Posted by urthanheaven, Tue Apr-12-05 08:14 PM
check it, the line of solomon goes through jesus' is not that of mary but that of joseph! and joeseph was not jesus' father, according to immaculate conception. so, while selassie most likely was of the line of solomon, jesus was not.

read mathew 1 to check that out.

i also read some information pointing not necessarily to god but to zecharaiah, john the baptists father was the true father of jesus.

here is a link with the language.


other things, there is some speculation that jeus trained in tibet, and the wisemen were lamas, making jesus a lama. he also taught outside of the synagogues a doctorine that was not explicitely jewish.

i guess there is a whole lot of speculation, and the idea that jesus was white is wrong. the idea that jesus was afro black has some merit in my oppinion.

at this time in history, jews were not europeanized! so the appearance of the modern jew especially as americans know it is incorrect in reference to the jew of 2000 years ago.

some other points, moses was confused with the son of pharoes daughter. either the ancient egyptians were white as well (there is a body of evidence to refute this claim), which would allow for a white moses to be confused as the son of the daughter of an egyptian pharoe, or the egyptians were black and the jews were black at the time.

it doesn't take much to knock the black out of a persons skin. generations pass swiftly. how many generations of interbreeding with europeans could have passed between now and then?

at the very least he was baking in the sun 'bronze' with kinky black hair. which lends creedence being of recent african descent. morena. the moors.

aaaagh. i'm starting to speculate and putting out information that i don't have the time to back up with links.

i think that jews, with their big lips, afros, and wide hipped big bottomed women, have a provable link to africa and being african, even if they didn't come from there originally, being in africa for a long time would have breed into the local population to a reasonable degree. but again all this is speculation based off of observation.

in general.

egyptians are/were black
jews are/were black
jesus was black

the confusing factor is the amount of time jews have spent interbreeding with the europeans.

and no matter what jesus was not blond haired and blue eyed.

some other interesting 'speculation' for people to research is thhe african/egyptian origin of the bible/torah and the kabaalist knowledge/school of mysteries.




personally i believe that there has been an active discrediting and burying of the african roots of all civilization, brought on by and large by the justifications of slavery and the wholesale exploitation of africa by the europeans. i think the fact that we are dealing with this in a latin/gemanic based language will further hinder translations to the mainstream mind of africans outside of africa.

i think that causes the most problems with white people and even europeanized jews conceiving a black jesus.

i could skip over jesus after overstanding his teachings and check out the parallel between his story and the story of isis and osiris. down to the black madonna or the madonna and child being inspired by an egyptian heiroglyphic inscription of isis and osiris.

42 negative confessions of maat as the truncated basis of the 10 commandments.

the influence of eqypt on the custom and religion of the jews.

i don't think we need to stop with jesus. 'africanize' the world. by africanizing our own black minds. why do we need to argue with white people over whether or not jesus was black?

just weighing in.
throwing in a couple of vectors that people could check out to see if there is any resonating truth in your universe of perception contained within.