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Topic subjectRE: I fully agree with you on that
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27861, RE: I fully agree with you on that
Posted by AquamansWrath, Tue Apr-26-05 09:24 AM
Exactly. He could be wilding out right about now... mad women... mad cars... just illing... and even if he is he deserves to cause he is putting his money where his mouth is... he is helping people... he's personally going to the villages to see the effects of whats going on... he even brough in other celebs (if you will) like Michael Jackson and Chris Tucker... he's even mentioned that he tried to get certain people and they were like 'Um... I love your music but... how's a check sound?' Plus he has that "one" . org thing? Not sure if that's right but they are running ads for it now... he's pulled quite a few people in... including Brad Pitt and others with some real pull.