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Topic subjectSo lets pile all of your bullshit into one post.
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27848, So lets pile all of your bullshit into one post.
Posted by TarnishedSpoon, Tue Apr-12-05 04:20 PM
>Nope... it's common sense.
>I have given you the African bloodline.

You have given me a fictional bloodline propogated by a man to try an rationalize his brutal hold on power.

Haillie Sallasie said he was descendent from Solomon... Well holy shit! Stop the presses! He must be right! That must of course make Jesus black... because Hallie Sellasie said he was descendent from Solomon.

And I'm descended from a little indian princess... lemme at some of the casino cash.

Over and over again you haven't proven anything, you just recite fiction and try to pass it off as truth. you can't prove that Haille Sellasie was descendant from Solomon (but of course since he was a black man you believe what he says, because he's not one of those evil white people out to oppress you... which by the way... when is your personal pity party going to end?)

>cause according to your words...
>Jews are the ONLY race (and they are not a race people, just a
>religion) that have been clean of mixing with any other
>race... how is that?

Wait a second... lemme go back and read through my post...

Nope I never said that.

So can you argue with someone by providing historically supported proof or even with wit and humor... or does everything you write have to depend on bullshit, conspiracy theories and straw men?

The reason why its absurd that I would have ever said that is because as a person of Jewish heritage I am a mixture of races. The Jewish side of my family is Polish, Czech, and German. The Anglo side of my family is Irish and French.

>Which is awfully racist to think they are 'pure'. Hmmm? How
>is this?

You're a fucking caricature. You're a joke. A fucking sham.

Bring something that resembles facts and we can have an argument...

>Abraham - Ibraheem
>Moses - Musa
>Soloman - Sulamaynn
>Sound white to you?

As I would bet unlike you I speak Arabic. You being a pitiful little pedant doesn't prove a damn thing... because over and over again I haven't said that Jesus was white, but that he was what we would quantify as Arabic... and your response...

"Well an ethiopian said he was descendent from Solomon, and Niggaz know other Niggaz... and all white people are non-compassionate oppressors... so Jesus must be Black!"

>Um, Judaism didn't start in Europe.
>Wrong answer, try again.

Did I say that it is... or are you just overwhelmed by the fact that I know what I am talking about so you start making shit up? You are a grade A cant hang. You have the intellectual ability of a bunch of short bus riding fools.

>Also, you sound like your either of Armenian, Polish, or
>Turkish decent...
>sorry to break the news to you... but they are converts.
>Jew-ish.. kind of Jew. Hence the ish.

You just have no idea what you are talking about. And the ish line? Laughable.

are you out of high school?

So... if you're polish you are kind of a pole? Or if you are 100% turkish you are 'kind of a turk'

You are fucking moronicish.

>Nope... not at all... sorry if you don't have that kind of
>how a white person going to tell a black person what isn't in
>their nature? haha.. first we let you listen to blues.. now
>this. haha.. wow.

First of all you haven't quantified what is or isn't in a black persons nature... and whether or not Jesus had those qualities... why is that?

Why is that?

Oh thats right because you are talking out of your ass!

You're the intellectual version of a snake oil sales man.

Go take your race baiting childs play back to grade school and leave the grown ups to them selves.

S.ean | President of the 'Ban Chris Defendorf' club. We have meetings.