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Topic subjectRE: there might be some elements of truth behind the myth actually
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27824, RE: there might be some elements of truth behind the myth actually
Posted by TarnishedSpoon, Tue Apr-12-05 04:59 PM
>The myth says Selassie is descended from King Solomon and the
>Queen of Sheba, who was an Ethiopian queen named Makeda. They
>had a son named Menelik, who when he came of age travelled to
>Jerusalem to meet Solomon, who recognized him as his son. When
>Menelik returned to Ethiopia he took the Ark of the Covenant
>with him, became the first Emperor of Ethiopia and founder of
>the Solominic Dynasty, all the way down to Selassie.
>OK so first off, the queen of Sheba almost certainly wasn't
>from Ethiopia so the myth isn't literally true. BUT if there
>was a queen of Sheba she'd have been from Saba in south Yemen,
>which is where Ethiopians are descended from (in part), so
>there is a link there.
>Also there's a theory that the Ark might actually be in
>Ethiopia, that it was removed from the Temple in Jerusalem to
>prevent it from being looted or destroyed by whoever was
>sacking Jerusalem at the time, and was brought into Egypt and
>hidden on Elephantine island in the Nile (there was in fact a
>Jewish settlement on the island for several centuries during
>this time period). Then when Elephantine was ransaked the Ark
>wass again removed and taken up the nile, this time all the
>way into Ethiopia which was remote enough to keep it safe.
>There's no real proof of this, but there is alot of
>interesting circumstantial evidence pointing to it. I read a
>book called The Sign and the Seal about it that makes a pretty
>convincing case that it's at least a strong possibility. I
>don't know if it actually is there but it seems plausible at

Since you obviously seem to know a little bit more about this than some silly bitches do... look at what you said... does any of it lead to historical/logical/factual creedence that Jesus had to have been black?

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