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Topic subjectRE: to him, the bible IS facts.
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27794, RE: to him, the bible IS facts.
Posted by AquamansWrath, Thu Apr-28-05 11:01 AM
I do feel you...
I do trust... but how neurotic is that... here is the funny part... this post isn't based on facts per se... it's based on logic... and logic concludes that if everything went down the way they say it did... then judging from location (even if you took that alone) that would almost 100 percent indicate he was black... for example... Jews know their history, or the history of the people they worship, is in Africa, Ethiopia. They know this... they are playing 'Batman' and 'superman' if they think for one second that somehow... in all of africa... the one cat that was the leader was white. it's your typical Tarzan complex... now as far as the info in the Bible... that's up to the person and thier faith... but regardless of what they believe that doesn't make it true... whether they believe that shit in their heart or not... the reality is we were not there... no one was... namean?