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Posted by AquamansWrath, Thu Apr-28-05 03:50 PM
I agree... and why I think your argument about the pyramids is solid is cause it still stands... the Bible... I feel your point... if he did exist.. .he was black... I think any black man or woman who reads the Bible fully... understands the components that make it work... can read and know he was black... it's like reading any post or comment from a black person and saying 'you know what? that cat is a brotha!'... it's just obvious.. namean? Whites love to romanticize and they want you to believe without question that he is there link... or he is one of them... it's the continued dominant logic that had the slaves picking cotton even faster. on the real.. somebody bring a white jesus in my crib... and there will be a real fucking problem. Here's my issue with the pyramids that ties into this... we have allowed whites to demonize their power, through film, through the media... the flip of what they did to Christ... feel me?
That's why they are stuck on stupid... films like the Mummy and dumb ass Disney films depicting them as worshipping devils... cause they would much rather be privy to that ancient knowledge and exploit it for their own purposes and meanwhile have people of color saying dumb ass christian shit like "oh I don't deal with witchcraft!" or.. "Astrology is from the Devil". Only if it's the Roman Calender.