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2810, RE: How did European norms, values, ideas, concepts,
Posted by ovBismarck, Fri Dec-12-03 08:18 AM
what norms, values, or ideas are you speaking of?

from the question it is obvious that you do not feel some of these supposed norms are truth, so what facets of "european ideology" do you disagree with?

a lot of people may be able to give an extremely shallow answer, no malicious intent here, such as imperialism/colonialism, or war, or maybe some might say the oppressed themselves. but until you come up with an extensive system to replace the supposedly false one-how do we know if it is not true? the reality we experience doesnt allow us to participate in the other possibilities at least for me, i live in the states-i dont see the point in acting as if the "european ideology" is not true. the atrocities it has committed doesnt take away from the positive steps forward it has taken. now mind you, im not white. so before you anyone gets off a some racist b.s., chill out.

just like somone else posted in this thread, the way you ask a question will give you certain responses, of course, and it just seems to me like the question assumes that all "european" ideas, norms are inherently bad when reality has proven otherwise. if we look at science, hell, the move from an earth-centered universe to a sun-centered universe had far reaching ramifications that stretched outside of the science box-social, cultural, religious.

basically, im just curious as to what you would have replace some of the norms you consider false? im not bein a smart ass or an ass period, simply curious. my friends call me whiskers (ferrell).