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Topic subjectRE: through force of influence?
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2808, RE: through force of influence?
Posted by rhulah, Fri Dec-12-03 07:53 AM
>and you forgot to add the disclaimer "for the time
>being"..because although I probably won't be here to see
>"Eurocentric" values won't always dominate world culture.
>Change is iminent.

This is true! Like all civilizations, they have a beginning and an ending.
>I'll tell you what Euro's have managed to do "right".
>They've managed to TAKE CREDIT for bringing to the world the
>IDEA of basic civil liberties. (ironic, right? well, just
>consider American ideology vs. reality...what matters is how
>people see themselves) Anyone in DIRECT opposition to
>Eurocentricism seems backward thinking--fascist, and
>adverse/hostile towards change.

Because Eurocentric thought has colonized and dictated information about people of African descent and others for quite a long time. That is why "Afrocentricity" scares the fuck outta the "white academic syndicate". It's mission is political, cultural, economic and intellectual and spiritual in "re-aligning" the African being from the "demonic" possession of European thought and behavior.

>The mistake WE make (people of color) is allowing them to
>patent over what is common sense and basic respect for

Also, we have let them "define" who we "were", who we "are" and who we "are" evolving as a group of people. The power of deifinition.

When we romanticize our origins as being pure,
>perfect and better we shortchange ourselves.

No one in here is "romanticizing" any origins of being. We are trying to "reconstruct" a reality that is "centered" within oursleves. You're attacking African centered thought again just by the "use" and "tone" of your statement!!! We(people of African descent) realize that like all people of the human families and civilization, are indeed "not perfect". That is not even an arguement.

>And by NOT accepting the fact that WE are forever CHANGED
>makes matters worse.

Forever changed meaning what??

>I can't think of a single culture of people that had been
>oppressed in some way or fashion that did not RETAIN some of
>the values of their oppressors.
>It's that murky gray area that few like to venture. It
>stinks, but such is life. It's complicated...even beyond
>the influence of economics..people of color everywhere are
>CHOOSING eurocentric cultural values--prime example,
>In my humbled opinion, one goal should be to incorporate the
>values of our various cultures that minimize human

Where in American culture do you see this?

Many of the Italian mafia families who came to U.S. in the early 19th century, used so-called "American" pragmatism, effiency, murder and exhortion to build "highly" organized criminal enterprises. Are these "truly" part of American cultural ethos?

>And thrown away the detrimental shit. <--(but it's all
>relative, isn't it?)*shrugs*
>No, I'm not seeking the "Garden of Eden". It was a
>fictional place to begin with...
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