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Topic subjectthey had jailbirds on they team. of course not.
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27304, they had jailbirds on they team. of course not.
Posted by FireBrand, Wed Apr-06-05 07:36 PM
that backpaker shit is wack, yo. who gonna relate to that shit? who?

I mean Mos, Kweli and Monch are FIYA, but they aint like them other back packer soundin, I made the beats in my basement ass folk.


I don't wanna hear nonsense, I want a story I can apply to my life, my struggle, and my experience.

Them kids gonna have to realize there aint no more glory days. U speaking to a GLOBE now, not just a block. I mean certainly it HAS to begin with who you are and the block can be a big part of that...but it don't gotta end there.

and that's why I can't stand niggas hatin on the roots. The messages in a great many of they songs is SO powerful, and the music is so forward thinking and niggas wanna hate cus it aint what they bought the last time.

get outta here with that.
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