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Topic subjectBut that same day there were a million other songs out
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27301, But that same day there were a million other songs out
Posted by FireBrand, Wed Apr-06-05 07:33 PM
saying something very different. There were songs with pro-black rhetoric. Why did the people embrace Dre's message and not Guru?

I'm sayin...it's gotta be deeper than that.

The pro-black shit I can agree was a fad just like the gangsta shit was a fad.

The thing is that fads in hip hop sitll managed to keep a strong voice in the throng. There were still champions of different "sounds" that got love universally.

U can look at a Biggie Video and see Luke (from bootyshake/bass music fame), Heavy D (from that mountvernon/new jack swing positive party ish fame), Hard core rappers, etc in there just cold lampin.

But where is the love for the conscious emcee? Why are they a pariah?

I mean certainly there were folk hating on west coast gangster shit, and on east coast smilie shit. In the south I heard folk hate on that shit for YEARS cus they couldn't relate to alot of that shit. The fuck 5% jargon mean to a Baptist Preacher's Kid?

so, in a longwinded way I'm sayin WHY is it that the POSITIVE voices are PURPOSELY silenced? Why did Eminem have to stop making positive music and come out like a angry lil white kid from the hood?

why did that have to happen?

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