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Topic subjectI'll tell you the DAY conscious Hip-Hop started to die:
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27300, I'll tell you the DAY conscious Hip-Hop started to die:
Posted by MALACHI, Wed Apr-06-05 06:33 PM
December 15th, 1992. The day Dr. Dre dropped "The Chronic" album. On that album is a song called "Let Me Ride"...we all have heard it. I am a FIRM believer that this song was a PIVOTAL catalyst of the downward spiral Hip-Hop has been in for YEARS.

The second verse begins:

"Just another motherf_ckin day for Dre, so I begin like this
No medallions, dreadlocks or Black fists
It's just that gangster glare, with gangster raps
That gangster sh_t, that makes a gang of snaps
Word to these motherf_ckin streets,
And word to these hype a__ lyrics and dope beats
That I hit ya with
That I get ya with..."

This song comes out and blantantly says I am not about Black consciousness...I'm about self destructive gangsterism...and hundreds of thousands of US bought into this idiotic paradigm shift. Death Row records preceded No Limit, which preceded Cash Money, which preceded all the rest of these hustler, gangster, player, thugster, pimp-cup carrying, sell-out idiots. All of them are the bastard children of The Chronic album.

Yep. December 15th, 1992...the day Hip-Hop LOST IT'S MIND.


*waits on the Dre jock-riders*