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Topic subjectExactly. You can see that when people talk about
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27299, Exactly. You can see that when people talk about
Posted by FireBrand, Tue Apr-05-05 11:52 AM
"Frindge" folks like a OJ or Jacko. First thing out alot folks mouths is that "they aint really black". Well, what does that mean? It means they aren't involved.

So, you think hip hop has to be more grassroots? I think it would be dope to have more intimate setting shows, and to have artists to more than just benefits concerts to make a change.

Gettin in there and gettin they hands dirty. I'm sure it happens, but I don't know about it.

And that's the key. That's how you can begin to nurture the minds that leave hip hop behind becaues they feel it don't speak to 'em.

That might be the key to bringing balance.

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