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Topic subjecti'm trying to be conscious...
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27295, i'm trying to be conscious...
Posted by urthanheaven, Tue Apr-05-05 12:28 AM
sometimes i just don't know what to say, or what to believe in, or how best to use the audiences short attention span. my whole verse is like, read a book. look after your health. know your history. don't believe everything the tells you. love your fellow wo/man. look before you leap. think before you speak.... and somewhere in there they switch to commercial, or so goes the fear.

saying that i think i can defeat it, but it's very hard to be a 'conscious' mc. look at how many different views there are on acivist, and how quick dudes pull out imaginary digital cannons on someone with a different oppinion... it's getting better. i think we're getting more concise. i think it's coming soon.

i know i'm not alone. when i get these beats tight, get my rhymes right. grab the microphone and rip open heads like pop tops. hearts wide open until the beat stops.

i guess that other quote still applies, that hip hop and the concsious mc live inside of each and every one of us. right or wrong, i would listen to an album written by many of the heads on activist and walk away with food for thought, so ya'll go out there and do it your damn self ok?

overwhelm them. from the inside.