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Topic subjectI think that people forget about educated Rural
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27291, I think that people forget about educated Rural
Posted by FireBrand, Wed Apr-06-05 11:15 AM
and suburban communities. In a lot of ways we are on the front lines of social interaction but we still have similar stigmas to our urban brethren.

We all black in the system's eyes, and while there are a set of advantages there are also a set of disadvantages. If you have a brother like a West, a Dyson that can speak to these communities, these Afrikans that have a very different experience than many Urban brothers and sisters...how can you discount them cus they aint speaking your language?

Is THAT much lost in semantic noise? When I read Wilson, or Clarke I see similar prevailing themes in Dyson and West's work.

Are they just lumped in because of West's relationship with Gates? Is that fair?

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