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Topic subjectRE: I'm hearing him. I know my brother, and cousins hear him.
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27290, RE: I'm hearing him. I know my brother, and cousins hear him.
Posted by brokenchains79, Wed Apr-06-05 10:08 AM
>Everybody aint street. I'm about as street as the Atlanta suburbs I
> grew up in.

But the streets, or the impoverished black community is where the most victimization occurs.

>I aint trying to hear simple street jargon.

Street jargon isn't necessarily simple, and people in the street respond to things that they see in their reality, in a language they understand and relate to. They gotta see you in the struggle, meaning they gotta see you where they are at, not a seperate entity.

>It has it's appeal, but so does Dyson.

Appeal is relative. Khalid Muhammad didn't appeal to alot of blacks, nor did MLK, or Malcolm. But the one they did appeal to are the ones they worked with and vice versa. I'm not a thug, I'ma citizen.

"me as a black man will not
stand here and allow you to
talk dumb shit about white
women that simply is not true"