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Topic subjectdoes anyone think this is bigger?
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27283, does anyone think this is bigger?
Posted by keepemgessin, Sun Apr-03-05 11:00 AM
Perhaps the same oppressive intent that was used w/ project housing?
It seems the music industry not only wants to make money (a given) but is willing to stop at nothing to project the image of the gangsta to ensure that a new generation of thug is not far behind. Considering that approx. 70% of hip-hop oriented cd's are purchased by non-african americans, I wouldn't say that black people are not as aware as they once were, I would say the industry is trying to make sure we have enough negativity to overshadow those who are aware, thus portraying the angry black man image to discredit anyone who may have an intelligent or positive message. They want white parents to fear it - they want little Billy to buy 50's cd, his mom to freak out, in turn prohibiting (or at least restricting) his access to BET, radio(however fowl), and hip-hop websites such as this. They want minority children to see these people as role models and follow suit. This way everybody eats - the bullshit artist, the record label, and eventually the system once little Billy and his friends catch weapons charges. Just as the FBI tried to censor Amiri Baraka and John Lennon for telling the truth, the industry is doing the same today to people who should be respected and appreciated.

"They are all potential revolutionaries..." - Mumia