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Topic subjectThe short of it.
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27278, The short of it.
Posted by Kozmikblak, Wed Apr-06-05 09:24 AM
The music is made by the youth for the youth. The youth are very impressionable, curious, and drawn to the taboos of society. With state of our communities in the last two decades, with lack of leadership, broken families, and poverty the you have become easy pickings.

You push the revolutionary element to the side. You flash the cash, fronted cars, and fronted gear. Get cat to lie about their criminal and sexual exploits (I never seen five niggers on Elvis Presleys album- The Five Heartbeats). Life is fucked up you have to kill or be killed, get that dough my niggah, bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks, and you soon have impressionable youth immitating art which in becomes art imitating life. A self fulfilling prophecy.

Why listen to these cats when you have PE, KRS-ONE. Simply the other cat are louder, get more air play. They are the hottest, latest, and the greatest. They also provide a peak into the spicier and sexier side of societies taboos. If you think this was not consciously done by industry capitalists you are sadly mistaken. You can build a lie up to where it will take a life of its own and become a living and breathing entity.