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Topic subjectno (again).
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27274, no (again).
Posted by suave_bro, Tue Apr-05-05 09:51 AM
>cuz at the base what you're both talking about is the
>community demanding accountability from the recording industry
>for the images that are put out.

- what you are doing is reading what im saying and puting your own thoughts to it. the community isnt demanding accountability from the recording industry, where in the hell are you getting that? the community wants to get krunk. the community wants some music to ride/smoke too...the community also wants videos with tons of half naked women in it, the latest little gadgets and cars/rims, clubs etc...

show me where the community has demanded accountability from the music industry? or are u going to point to 1 or 2 small political active "groups" that dont even speak for the bulk of the black community regardless of their political affiliation...