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Topic subjectthen we both agree.
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27271, then we both agree.
Posted by suave_bro, Fri Apr-01-05 01:08 PM
- that the industry really is not at fault for the downfall of the conscious MC...our moderator spoke on these things in broad general terms, i simply broke them down.

>1) Cool hunts

>--The recording industry looked for the next big thing and
>found these local artists selling thousands of independent

- uhmmm...exactly. and if gospel music was the hot shit in the streets selling thousands, gangster/thug rap would be gone 2morrow. which is what i stated.

>2) Agenda Sets

>--The recording industry decides that it will put its money
>behind Master P and not, say, Crooked Lettaz. And because the
>industry has a multi-billion dollar marketing machine, it can
>set what it thinks is "cool."

- that directly contradicts what was stated above (though u are puting YOUR words to somebody elses list i will leave that up 2 you two)...the industry capitalizes on what is ALREADY cool in the streets. which is what i described.

>3) Is responsible for market saturation
>"and they signed them!!"
>--Signed them and dozens of other copycat acts in hopes of
>making the same big payday that they did with those first

- hopes? as a result of this the hip hop industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. the people have spoken, not the industry. the industry cant pay itself billions of dollars and sell out concerts across the country...

>"EXCELLENT. BUSINESS. MOVE." -- What is good for business
>isn't necessarily what's good for an artform or a community.

- which goes directly with what i stated earlier: if we can openly admit that the industry/media/white guys in suits are actually the ones raising our children and determines the direction in which the black community goes, then the industry will have no choice than to adhere to our demands, which is that we want more "conscious" emcees and positive songs on the airways and more positive images in our videos...anybody care to admit this to the world?

bottom line is that the industry is simply doing its job. its like getting mad @ best buy for carrying 50 cent's CD. if we are going to mad @ anybody it should be the artists and the consumers. i think deep rooted issue that is TRULY at work here is the mentallities and attitudes within our community that has created an environment where A) negroes feel 100% comfortable getting in a booth and glorifying black death and destruction, calling our women bitches and hoes and B) when the bulk of the black community craves it. we need to stop using the music industry as a scapegoat.