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Topic subjecti still dont think u get it
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27267, i still dont think u get it
Posted by suave_bro, Fri Apr-01-05 08:15 AM
one of the biggest myths in hip hop is that these artists that are flooding the airwaves now were just walking down the street freestyling about rims, hoes, guns, selling dope and some white guy in a suit said "u want a record deal!?"

back in the mid to late 90's, the streets were buzzing about B.G.'s chopper city album, Master p and C-murder's TRU, triple six mafia's Tear da club up, ying yang twinz "whistle while u twurk"...i can remember when these cats were just nobodies but people loved their music, NOW they are millionaires! why? because the industry recognized "hey, all this bubbly shiny suit bullshit is not what the people want, they want this gangsta, grimy, street, down south hip hop" and they signed them!! EXCELLENT. BUSINESS. MOVE.

bottom line: the PEOPLE {{WANT}} this bullshit. yes it's frustrating and I dont like the music at all but I'm not about to walk around ignoring the obvious. and lets just be truthful here, the black community as a whole just isn't as intellectual/intelligent as it once was.