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27256, simple.
Posted by suave_bro, Fri Apr-01-05 08:06 AM
this is what needs to happen

the people, or some activist or political leader needs to stand up before congress and say something to the effect of: "as a people we are controlled by what we see and hear. we can't really formulate any cohesive thoughts on our own thus we rely on music and television to do this for us. we have no fathers and family structure so we rely mostly on the music and television to guide us. with that being said, we would like more music and television programs that can aide us in curbing violence in our communities and can help raise our kids."

you may think im being facetious but i'm not. we need to convince the powers that be that these things are true. if we can do that, then they will have no choice but to step in and regulate the airwaves...3 problems though: 1) that would be promoting censorship, 2) not many black people will co-sign legislations that clearly say blacks are holding blacks back 3) just like when cash money/no limit/hypnotized minds were broke and underground back in the 90's, the people will STILL find a way to support the bullshit.