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Topic subjectGERONIMO PRATTTT mentioned, thank GOD
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27186, GERONIMO PRATTTT mentioned, thank GOD
Posted by chrisdefendorf, Tue Mar-29-05 07:11 PM
So far, I haven't seen ANY mention of his defense of Geronimo Pratt on CNN.

Panther Power in full effect, though, or Else Johnny Cochran wouldnt have gotten through.

Listen, isn't it a shame, a crime, that when you go to MSNBC.com, they're making their head story be about Child Porn???

They're trying to maake it look like Michael's Guilty. Otherwise they wouldnt have put his LAWYER (J.C.) in smaller picture than a WHITE man BOY SCOUT LEADER???? PLEASE.

It's as if their framing it how Paul Mooney joked... "1-900-Blame-A-Nigger")

911 is a joke!


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