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Topic subjectRE: nationalism scares me
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27085, RE: nationalism scares me
Posted by urthanheaven, Mon Mar-28-05 03:31 AM
where we are as black people...

vs where the chinese people are should come into focus. i would love to be a country of 2 billion black people chanting UP AFRICA! i doubt the chinese people will be subjugated by any other than their own to thier own detriment and even possible total genetic elimination any time soon.

black people need black nationalism. it's counter point to the system of global white supremacy which is in full effect. and don't think for a minute that it's not.

we're already diverse enough to sustain our personalities, but we also have a lot of work reclaiming our african heritage and risining up past 400 years of slavery and financial underdevelopment/outright attacks on afrika and her people. i would and feel quite good about submiting my will to the will of the most high. manifest in the mighty black god of africa.

rhetoric. rhetoric. rhetoric.

but good to have in the back of your mind when watching mtv or bet or vh1 or walking down the street or reading the news paper or watching the news or having a conversation around the office at the worksite etc. vertical and horizontal truth.


up african nationalism!