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Topic subjectnationalism scares me
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27083, nationalism scares me
Posted by organix, Mon Mar-28-05 12:38 AM
nationalism scares me, particularly here in china. i work for a middle/high school, and every day the children must sing the national anthem. and then during lunch break, i notice several classes singing it during their leisure time. during today's lesson i was reminded of the loyalty these kids have to their nation. one spoke out "we must show the world how great the chinese people are!" during a presentation. now im all for china becoming successful, but i fear the future shall china become world superpower. people here, not just students, are all on the bandwagon. there is virutally no disent, and where there is, it is suppressed, jailed, blocked, filtered, etc. every day i feel less a part of my own country as i do the world community. einstein held great contempt for nationalism.