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Topic subjecti'm reading chancellor wms right now
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27079, i'm reading chancellor wms right now
Posted by LexM, Fri Mar-25-05 02:30 PM
and one of the things he talks about is how because of blk people's lack of a sense of national unity vs. loyalty to several small states, they were easily infiltrated and conquered by outside groups.

so yes. nationalism--in the sense that malcolm and the panthers talked about it--is necessary

keeping money in the community
building our own schools/institutions vs. copying others'
supplying jobs and resources for our communities


because we lost--or never had--those things, we see some of the devolution we have now.

~fear is the mind-killer~

"...jesus had a wife. and she was his
messiah like that stranger may be
yours. who holds the subtle knife that
carves through worlds like magic
doors." ~saul wms