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Topic subjectIn a racist country, you'd better have some masculine energy
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27048, In a racist country, you'd better have some masculine energy
Posted by chrisdefendorf, Thu Mar-24-05 03:32 PM
so you can use it to get out of your own way.

nationalism is a complicated question.... in my opinion, black peole do in fact own the land, THiS land, and Black Revolution and nationalism means staying in one's power until the illusion 9this physical place called america) rflects the reality (the eternal 40 acres and a mule actualized not as spikes film company, but as OWNERSHIP.

masculine energy... everyone 7 everything has it... you wouldnt be in form unless you had it. it bring the formless (feminine energy) into form (one's reality)
it has nothing to do with males. men dont have more masculine energy than women. more testosterone, maybe, but htat's not masculine energy. it has masculine energy in it, but it's not masculine energy in that singula sense.

Black men have been emasculated....

Excess of feminine energy, to be tooook weak is what evil is.

like Bill Clinton bordered on being evil (I dont think he crossed the line) when he allowed people to talk for two years about him & Monica Lewinsky.

I would have said, can't we talk about racism? or about Reparations, or aout Jazz, or that matter, instead of talking baout one man and one woman? I'm supposed to be the LEAST powerful person, in that sensing, becasue the JANITOR at the white house, the guy who cleans my toilet, is my boss. you want to make it be about me?

he needed to have more cockiness , he needed to be more of a warrior. In a racist country, to NOT be cocky in the face of racism is criminal.

not punishable (grin) , but criminal....

I would suggest though, people, that if you engage the energy of racism toooo much, ie , make your life be about preventing a race war, you in the end, become part of the problem, because your life depends on that there being a race war to have meaning.

Ironic, but excess of anything is POISON...

peace my nubian brothers and sisters, PEACE

(sampled from the heart, also heard on a Brand Nubian song. )


"you fuckers brought chrisdefendorf out of crakctavist. thanksafuckinlot"
-okp rjcc

*chrisdefendorf joins janus on s.i.'s list of 'okps to ignore'

he aint racist. He's far from that- from what I've seen. IMO.