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27029, hmm that and other things
Posted by afrobongo, Fri Mar-25-05 01:38 PM
>its funny how that's been demonized tho... ppl here say
>ba'athist as if its the same as saying nazis. i've actually
>heard ppl say the ba'ath are the arab equivalent of nazis.

i'd say more like the equivalent of the commies.

good (in theory) idea hijacked by a dictator.

>what's interesting is that the ba'ath party disintegrated b/c
>of the same reasons that the pan-african movement did. i
>wouldn't be suprised if saddam hussein hijacked the ba'ath
>platform in Iraq under the direction of the CIA.

hmmm.. possible.
Or may be he was playing those cards for his own self.

>there have been many a stooge leader with the same MO.


But the article was saying panarabism died 3 times:
-Koweit invasion (before that the Koweitians were very panarabists in theory)
-Irak for obvious reasons.
-Lebannon (Syria used and uses panarabism as an excuse)

actually, it was too short to be interesting.