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Topic subjectPray/vote: smash the mirror!!!! If I hit a blockage,
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26881, Pray/vote: smash the mirror!!!! If I hit a blockage,
Posted by chrisdefendorf, Sun Mar-27-05 10:51 AM
In other words,

the word "PRAY" has a HELLLLLL of a lot of baggage. It makes Master P say "UHHHH!!!" and then NOT give credit to whoever wrote the "SHA NA NA NA" part. So therefore, it's terrible. (the song, not master p, dear master p. or the word "pray"... shit, hammer rocked it!!!)

The other word you mentioned, oh yeah, VOTING.

I long ago dcided that instead of "PRAYING" which (passive prayer, I'm talkinng about ) DOES work, I'd change my image to reflect what I'm going to do FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE insted of praying inn THAT sensing. tell THAT to Pharoah.

yes, it gets Blacker until it's darkness.

It's more about "how easily and elegantly do I want to manifest that which I have no guilt about manifesting?" Cause if you got guilt, you're in your OWN way.

So you can't OWN the impact, you're dependent on who you're punishing with your false & completely fabricated emotion.... Animals don't feel guilt.. humans do. It's a human, synthetic feeling.. man made

"synthetic... like Polyester or Junk Food" (Lazaris , "On releasing Guilt", available from lazaris.com, in that sensing)

YES, it get's Blacker and then it's Darkness/darkness (whatever's not illuminated (YOUR POWER, emphasis on "YOUR").

I changed my image of voting AND prayer to using the words "PuTTING MY ATTENTION ON" and all it's variables.

This way, if it's worth it to vote, which it aint been for 8 years THAT YOU COULD SEEEEE>>>> The republicans have LONG cheated. You just could SEE it in the last two elections. if it's worth it to vote, I vote!!!!! if it's not, i just put my power in thousands of other places!!!!

"ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION"? Don't vote out of Guilt, cause then you're voting out of ANGer, and paradoxically DESTROYING the very thing that you are completely and totally supporting in your reality by putting your attention on it.

So I say put your attention on how you WANT voting to be (if you want voting to "be"(in ebonic sensing) , and then process your guilt.

Your ego;'s only gonna get in your way if you give it POWER to do so. This is what the 5% Nation talks about when they talk about the DEVIL only having the power that you give it. It's a VERY accurate statement. the devil represents YOUR internal oppressor and the one who's out to kill you. the ax murderer you don't want to believe is there, so you don't take your own self-destruction seriously... "they never took the time to wonder about" (self-destruction, produced by stetsasonic and krs-one, zomba records, i believe. jive, maybe.. (sissy!)

So you know your ego's tryig to kill you. Are YOU gonna allow your ego to destroy you???? It is fortunately and sadly YOUR choice, if you believe in Evolution.

And Im not saying you SHOULD. but wht would you want to? when i want to get into my adult, i look in the mirror. it's one of the quickest ways you can do it.

and then smile and ask god for help. ironically, and fortunately (definitely not sadly) your ego thinks it's god, so it tries to help you. it's stupid. dont let your enemt help you destroy your enemy... trust yourself!!!

ask your ego (pretend it's right behind you, and it looks and talks and thinks and feels exactly like you, ask it
"what do you want?"
"why do you want it?"

what you'll be doing is getting angry at your ego. because you're not the slimeball that you keep telling yourself you are. you have an opportunity (many, in that sensing) for Humanity and Divinity.

don't give your power to your ego, your beauty, goodness and Truth...

I'll take an Activist over a Big Macktivist anyday.

(Macking is the Objectification and Punishment of Women)

I'm the Mack------> the Macintosh...

bite me, willsmith!!!!!

Thats' what Defendorf said.



"you fuckers brought chrisdefendorf out of crakctavist. thanksafuckinlot"
-okp rjcc

*chrisdefendorf joins janus on s.i.'s list of 'okps to ignore'

he aint racist. He's far from that- from what I've seen. IMO.