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Topic subjectI appreciate your spirit.....
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26878, I appreciate your spirit.....
Posted by chrisdefendorf, Sun Mar-27-05 01:03 AM
Howver, from my point of view, as I see it in 2005 eternal,

the only ones that are struggling in the Revolution of the Mind are those that are in the WAY of the Revolution of the Mind......

as far as the victims that are in the WAY of the Black Revolution, the Creative Revolution, the other Minority Revolutions.... hey, let's take care of each victim, one at a time. Otherwise it ain't gonna work.



"you fuckers brought chrisdefendorf out of crakctavist. thanksafuckinlot"
-okp rjcc

*chrisdefendorf joins janus on s.i.'s list of 'okps to ignore'

he aint racist. He's far from that- from what I've seen. IMO.