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Topic subjectno, Defendorf means "Raspberry"
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26874, no, Defendorf means "Raspberry"
Posted by chrisdefendorf, Sat Mar-26-05 05:46 PM
What does a tree mean to you, FireBrand.

Seriously, now , to ground this energy and reduce fear, which is hostility:

SO many people change their names as Malcolm X did , to signify the Unknown. If you don't know, here's the drop:
now yoou know.

Instead of changing my name, I gave myself another name, and discovered that Defendorf means

DEFEND OR F (Very Malcolm X name)

and that Defendorf means "Raspberry".

If you believe in Evolution, you know that one day the sparks of life known as your pets & other animals will evolve to be Humans. and the Plant kingdom will evolve to be animals. and the mineral kingdom will evolve to be Plants. and the Atoms will evolve to be Molecular structure, and then the Mineral Kingdom and Queendom, in that sensing.


any way, YOU CHOOSE YOUR FAMILY. Spiritual family is different from BLOOD FAMILY, in all but very rare occurences. SO i choose Raspberries as they who will evolve into the Animals that they choose to evolve into, and then those critters will be feasted on by me in the Human Kingdom, so My Spiritual Family will be quasi-cannibalistic as we eat the raspberries in the form of raspberries and chicken & fish & beef & dog . RaDefendorf means "Raspberry". So We will eat Defendorf, safely, with harm to none. Just kidding about the dogs, though.

Why/what does this have to do with Activist?

Are you selling something?

by the way, the above was inspired by MOnty Python. Footnotes available (YUM)

this was MY messae to the Grass Roots and the Raspberries and everything else in the plant kingdom: to paraphrase, go out and get eaten by the Animal Kingdom!!! Cuz you look tasty in that CHicken and in that BEEF and in that PORK and in that FISH!!!! Tell your bean friends to Holla! I got some rice

NOTE to your SELF: that was NOT a racial slur. I'm too old to justify. Let's rock, in that sensing!!!


"you fuckers brought chrisdefendorf out of crakctavist. thanksafuckinlot"
-okp rjcc

*chrisdefendorf joins janus on s.i.'s list of 'okps to ignore'

he aint racist. He's far from that- from what I've seen. IMO.