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26872, raspberry
Posted by chrisdefendorf, Thu Mar-10-05 07:49 AM
i know this is poetic, mods... i put it here because it was inspired by the above post.

it is also in freestyle. but please note: i am building on what the last person wrote, on topic

respecting our ancestors is the key...
my point is that spiritual family, spiritual ancestors are more powerful than blood ancestors, at least to me.
i could give a fuck what some of my spiritual ancestors died for (malcolm was assassinated, that's not why I chose him as being in my spiritual family, you know what i'm sayin'?)

ice cream, yes ice cream, boyee
not a record crate boy
not a boy
not any majority member's boy
nothing except my infinite, small piece of god
small piece of god/goddess/all that is

my lower lip clenching still as i remember that black woman slavemaster's hand holding me on a leash, her wide bald head saying leave bam alone
reeling of the past, she was so uninteresting she had no smell
kinky like s&m only sadistic, becausde i had no safe words except
"fuck you, stop trying to control me, bam & I will do whatever we want to do together".

cock hard not from erotic fortune or sexual pleasure or lust,
cock hard from the pleasure of not giving my power away.
not bout to bust a nutnot emasculated, neither
proud , positive proud like a statue on easter island

and bam and I expand my minds link
and i think how can I build with chuck d & bam and me on this tip
i told chuck what lazaris says about stuff like this:
if you can't find that missing link,pretend you know how to find it
and if you can't do that, pretend you can pretend that you can find it
'cause you can pretend

i had stepped over my father who lovingly showed me resistance as one half of my greatest teaching squad
my mother still deep inside me, showing me how to leave out THIS other part of the story without you knowing what I'm talking about

stepped over masses of people in a consensus collective dream
sex without the sweat
love without the piece of me, without the peace i set rhymes free
and returned to bambaataa
i told him i was gonna get him some ice cream.
and i floated over the resistance like a stone that is soft and cloud like but egyptian/khemetion
khemetian khameleon
whiteboy but still not going to let anybody sell me on selling my soul to nobody , only selling out cd's/dvd's/product that reflects my soul
like holograms and mirrors (PENY NORTH)

ice cream for bambaataa

i returned and as i returned
floating above ground by the power of my will
not through some ridiculous notion of willpower
but using the power of my will
my power, i directly floated to my man, sitting there waiting for me to return with the ice cream
a debt of gratitude?
no, !@#$%^, ice cream...
and I could remember what kind it was...
but not sherbert
...ice cream, like an orange icicle
with love from god
to another human being who connects with me

afrika bambaataa started this hip hop shit
"black people unite" it is him that q-tip bit

let's have no uppity women try to say white people are the majority
women are the majority . they're fifty-one percent
everybody else is a minority
i'm a minority
an ice cream server to bambaataa
that's a minority
a man
a white person
that's a minority
a hip hop artist
that's a minority
a human rights advocate
it's a sad fact, but people for human rights are the minority

a creative person
that's a minority
and if it was just me, chuck, hank, bam, and a few other men, it would be a sad state of affairs
luckily there are female creative people
majority members and minority members in one piece of god/goddess/all that is
do i have to say mc lyte? do i have to say diana, princess of wales?
do i have to say sha-rock? or blondie? or patti smith?

where is a human's dignity if they can say that someone other than women are the majority?

sista souljah, anita hill, my mom, Jayed Dell,
it's about dignity

chink pope
and integrity

set the captives free (bob marley)

now can one of y'all hand me two spoons, I'm gone see if my friend here will give me a bite of this beautiful orange ice cream

ice cream for bambaataaa
ice cream for bambaataa
M.O.V.E and the Afrika

(c) ChrisDefendorf