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Topic subjectRE: Blacks: You disrepect your ancestors when you don't vote.
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26871, RE: Blacks: You disrepect your ancestors when you don't vote.
Posted by b_jizzl, Thu Mar-10-05 03:22 AM
I agree its quite dissrespectful of black folks young or old who refuse to vote or participate in America's goverment system. Although I would also agree their complaint of voting not actually creating a direct affect in black folks lives is not completly unjustified.

In a system where majority rules (white folks) and the majority could give a fuck if the minority (black folks) fell off the face of the earth tomorrow (well they might cry over a lack of good music or skilled athelete's for a little while but they would get over it pretty quick) the focus of attention of the goverment is very minimal to the problems black folks face.

Poor black voter turnout is nothing new actually its been in low numbers since we were granted the right. We have always felt a dissconnection between voting and a direct impact on our communities I belive because of the explanation metioned above. There are certain of issues that effect the lives of both races which should give enough cause for blacks to vote ie social securtiy, forigen affairs, cretain aspects of healthcare ect. but the issues at the heart of blacks in America education, social issues, economic empowerment are largely ignored by the folks on Capitol Hill and in the White House. This is by no means an excuse for not voting.

Blacks some how have decided that politics are all of a sudden to be fare and politicians just. People by nature are corrupt and just plainly full of shit why do we expect our politicians to be any different. In America land of the almighty dollar everything is hustle blacks are aware of this first hand. Politicians play the game as we all do to ensure our own survival and create wealth and security for ourselves and families. It is our understanding of how to play this game and win at it where we fail. Part of that includes but not ecxlusively to being involved in this political system through voting.

Where would we be If our ancestors had said to themselves "why fight to be free from slavery if after we are free we will just be kept in perpetual slavery, why fight to be free from perpetual slavery when will just be held back by jim crow, why fight to freed from jim crow if well just be held back by a racist judicial system". Each step in the struggle adds a piece to a puzzle of maybe not equality because no matter how much we achieve they may never believe we are their equal but to a better way of life for our people.