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Topic subjectyour welcome, but just know i don't support you saying x
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26870, your welcome, but just know i don't support you saying x
Posted by chrisdefendorf, Sun Mar-27-05 10:33 AM
Thank YOU!!
(silence, a bubble of silence surrounding that resonance)


i don't support you saying "I hate" or "I don't like" about anything. When you do that, that's how Guilt is formed. if you look at something (ANYTHIN) in your realityand say

" I DONT LIKE THAT" or I HATE THAT" or even say "I LOVE IT or YOU" when you're really being syrupy sweet, giving out syrupy sweey anger,

you're creating GUILT. You are repressing the anger that you feel.
If you put your attention on what you want, in that sensing, you get it in your reality.

If you put your attention onwhat you DON"T want, the slightest bit of anger will hold back your health (for your body)and your evolution that much.

For example, if I listen to rappers and I don't like what they're saying, I ignore the words and pay attention to my feelings. WHICH I LOVE!!!! More & More!!!.

To use an extreme example, I never saw "Schindler's List".

Why do I want to spend TWO HOURS watching a movie about people who were Victims of their own Reality, in that sensing... Innocent, victims. Why do I want to put my attention on that...

However, I'm not about to throw out the baby with the Bathwater...

The Message is "LOVE IS MARTYRHOOD?"""


However, it had great sex scenes, and a lot of Beautiful women in it.

So I struggled and suffered for just under 2 Hours of a terrible message to give wnderful pictures to my Subconscious Mind.

Cal me at "222-2222" (that's a sample of De la Soul's "Ring Ring Ring Ha ha Hey hey", from DE LA SOUL IS DEAD (tape, bitch) TOMMY BOY, 1990



"you fuckers brought chrisdefendorf out of crakctavist. thanksafuckinlot"
-okp rjcc

*chrisdefendorf joins janus on s.i.'s list of 'okps to ignore'

he aint racist. He's far from that- from what I've seen. IMO.