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Topic subjectbullshit. guilt trips don't work.. your vote doesnt count
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26867, bullshit. guilt trips don't work.. your vote doesnt count
Posted by chrisdefendorf, Wed Mar-09-05 07:40 PM
stop trying to manipulate activists for any reason, especially out of guilt!

if you want people to vote, don't make them feel guilty by USING dead people to justify your argument. say why you think it's worth it.

It's very parental and disrespectful to our brains and the choices we can choose to say we should vote because someone died for us. When I die, I will roll over in my grave if someone says they should do something I did because I fought for my relationship to the whole, my relationship to God, or God/Goddess/All That Is.

Do something (whether I do it or not) because it feels right for you to do, not because I or anybody else ever fought for it.

WHy be a follower or encourage other activists to do things because people died for it. It's easy to say, but it just makes people angry. Who gives a fuck if people died for whatever reason if it's an appropriate thing to do in the first place....

People died so Black people can go to college. but that's not why college can be valuable for ANYONE, Black, White, red, etc. . It has NOTHING to do with the values of education (whether in institutionalized places of learning or not). Not one iota. It's a manipulation to get people to do x,y, & z based on soem dead body somewhere. Don't give me that!!!

As far as whether to vote or not...

YOUR VOTE DOESN'T COUNT because of the way the repubs cheated .

20000 jewish retirees voted for pat Buchannon in 2000? Pat Buchanon says "these aren't my votes" and still nobody says anything, they get counted for him instead of president Gore?

And with the BlackBox voting fraud in 2004, how can you say that my vote counted? No one's did! The repubs wouldhave cheated regardless of whether or not I voted in last election.

and I did vote.

Don't give me that guilt shit about anything, voting included. The argument that I should buy a car because someone suffeed in creating one is the same guilty motivation. I don't do anything out of guilt, cause then I'm doing something out of anger. !

man you getting me in battle mode
and i don't even battle...lol...but thanx
Chris...you are pure inspiration!

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