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Topic subjectSHITTING ON YOUR ANCESTORS is great (the Gravitational magnitude) [LINK]
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26865, SHITTING ON YOUR ANCESTORS is great (the Gravitational magnitude) [LINK]
Posted by chrisdefendorf, Sun Mar-27-05 10:17 AM
"We who are oppressed love those who fight against oppression and the oppressors ...

(unknown speaker ( to me, anyway) sampled by Original Concept (c) 1988)
sampled from front 242's "Funkhadafi"


the Gravitational magnitude of you!!!!!
to say that shitting on your ancestors is inappropriate.
"Yes, it gets Blacker " (c) professor X @&@ X-Clan

Shitting on your ancestors is great. They're dead, in that sensing.

SHIT is homepathically FEAR, which is hostility

FEAR=HOSTILITY and hostility =fear

Even a child who is a fraid is bein Hostile to the Vibe of GOD (LOVE)

All kids are victims.

Can't anybody see the funniness, the deep funniness of a concept like "IT"S NOT APPROPRIATE TO SHIT ON ONE's ANCESTORS?"

If you give your SHIT to your Ancestors, who all WANT you to take out your garbage for the sake of your loving nature to be loving to the Planet/planet .

I repeat, if you give your shit to them, they can deal with it. they don't have any hostility/fear to you... Hypothetically if they did, they couldn't act on it (THEY're PERFECTLY STATIC & UNCHANGING... they are dead....).


And I suggest that your Ancestors WOULDN"T have a problem if you had shit (HOSTILITY/FEAR) to them.. NO ONE's would!!!!

Do you have enough self respect to let that shit go???

Put that shit in the ground.......

Look at it this way. I can listen to the most angry, hateful rhetoric, and say it verbatim to my pet cat/companion animal, named BABY.

I can feel guilt about saying it, but SHE won't feel guilt.

haven't you ever noticed how animals don't mind offensive lyrics, in that sensing, but Humans DO? they "neeed" stickers? let that shit GO!

What i've done is actually channelled a lot of the anger into teaching her how to speak.

She can actually say (I'm not kidding, and those of you who know me know that chrisdefendorf doesn't lie except to racist cops, in that sensing)

she can say
"darkness" ,her favorite word.

BE COMMITTED TO YOUR ANCESTORS. Give a shit about them!!!!! Channel anger into your garbage. or are you going to say know that you've never been hurt and thus consequentially therefore don't have garbage??? You do have emotional scars... let your vehicle rinse it self out by you taking a crap and a piss everyonce in a while... why?

"Y'all think your shit don't stink".

"THROW YOUR GUNS in the ocean" (paraphrase of the Honorable Magician Nelson Mandela)

Original Concept was a group led by Dr. Dre and Ed lover that was incredible. They had one album/tape 9
(i dont think they pressed up CD's) and it was pre-Public Enemy, around the time of the Beastie Boys. in fact, a beastie is on one of the tracks.

Anyway, they had a song called "Racism".
It's just chilling. here's information about the project...
I couldn't find the lyrics, but it samples the quote about loving those who fight against oppressors.




"you fuckers brought chrisdefendorf out of crakctavist. thanksafuckinlot"
-okp rjcc

*chrisdefendorf joins janus on s.i.'s list of 'okps to ignore'

he aint racist. He's far from that- from what I've seen. IMO.