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Topic subjectRE: I'm not Privy to Thinking...
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26858, RE: I'm not Privy to Thinking...
Posted by , Tue Mar-08-05 10:29 AM
>That our ancestors were naive enough to think that voting
>alone is the salvation of black people. I'll give them more
>credit than that.

i dont think they thought that. i think that they thought as HUMAN BEINGS that contribute to the society around them, that THEY then should have the right to vote. I dont know about voting being the salvation of us; it will take more than voting to save us, really. i think what voting can give us is the power within our own communities so that we need not rely on anyone else.

>However, if they fought and died for us to vote, they were
>being "mighty naive" as Malcolm said. They fought, bled and
>struggled for equal rights under the law; in essence they
>struggled for us to have the RIGHT to vote. They wanted us
>to be able to walk into a polling station and CHOOSE from
>the SELECTIONS. This is very different from fighting for us
>TO vote. We twist their noble efforts up when we assume that
>they fought and died so that we could vote.

so if they struggled for us to have the right to vote and have a voice AND choice, regardless of however we 'twist their noble efforts,' why dont we respect that effort and go out to vote?