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Topic subjectI'll pray for you, cool?
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26840, I'll pray for you, cool?
Posted by blaXXX, Tue Mar-08-05 12:24 AM

>you came on some vast-vernacular, fully educated shit. lol.
Does that mean you couldn't find ONE LIE that I told in the post you responded to?

>well, i see it as half full. i believe that we as a black
>community do have our faults, but if we started working
>together and educating ourselves... taking power back within
>our own community, we dont have to worry about what the
>'majority' does.
-OK well, we still have to accomplish this feat in AmeriKKKa...right?
-we still have to co-exist in a Country that thrives on extending and ensuring our 2nd-Class citizenship...right?
-at what point do you think 'taking back ours' meets head-on with the Elements of White-Racism that outnumber Blacks by about 4-to-1.3?
-or, do you have some plan that allows us to take back our Community and dodge the Bullets of Inequality that have been used to rob us equal protection of the Laws/Equal Employment Opportunities/etc.????..because we do, at some point, have to GO OUTSIDE OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY being productive, within your process of taking back our Communities...right?

>and to be honest, white people are NOT the majority. they
>never were.
I think you'd better check the 2000 U.S. Census...and thats not including the multitudes of money/power/respect that Caucasoids have FAR MORE OF, than Blacks-----those 3 things DO STILL determine your Impact and Influence on American society...right?
in the south, blacks have numbered whites since

>slavery. and with every other single nationality that moves
>to this country... if you add them up, we probably outnumber
well of course...whites make up 40% of the populous so everyone else makes up the other 60%------but Whites are still the LARGEST, therefore the Majority...Hispanics come 2nd to Whites at about 15% of the U.S. populous, niggus 3rd at nearly 13% of the populous.
However, those immigrants you refer to------all come here and assimilate to what? Caucasoidal aspirations. They aren't crazy, thats why they come here and treat Blackfolk with the same disdain, as everyone else.

>the majority is only the majority because they have found
>away to stay in power. to take this power from them is to
>take away their 'majority status.'
Again, I'll pray that you come to realize this IS A DIRECT PRODUCT of this "Majority rules" system of voting in America